Growing up in Wollongong Julian completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science, before moving to Melbourne to become a qualified Myotherapist, Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist. Over the past 7 years Julian has worked with an extensive list of athletes, particularly AFL, Soccer and Triathletes.


As an expert in muscular therapies Julian enjoys treating a wide range of clients from everyday office aches and pains through to elite athletes. He specialises in hands on Massage therapy and combines this with Dry Needling and Cupping to provide the ultimate muscular treatment.


With qualifications in Lymphatic Drainage and Pregnancy Massage Julian treats all individuals. He is also qualified for Workcover and NDIS(Plan or Self Managed) Remedial Massage Therapy.


Myotherapy (muscle therapy) is the treatment of muscular tightness and injury. 

It involves targeted hands on Massage therapy techniques to the muscles to aid muscular recovery and relieve pain.

Myotherapy treatment usually combines Massage Therapy techniques with other muscular treatment options including ; Cupping, Dry needling and Stretching, to create the ultimate muscular treatment. 

Our Myotherapist works closely with our Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Pilates instructors to tailor the perfect treatment for your body. 

Sports & Remedial Massage 

Sports and Remedial Massage is specific Massage Therapy tailored to your individual needs. It involves hands on massage therapy techniques to all areas of the body experiencing muscular tightness and pain. 

Whether you’re experiencing soreness from office work and too many hours at the desk, or requiring sport specific recovery work to help improve your performance, Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy is definitely for you.