Our podiatry team can assess and manage most lower limb issues, including orthotics, biomechanical assessment, in grown toenails, as well as routine foot care (callus, bunions, and nail cutting).
Heading up the podiatry team is Karina Schuberg, whom has been a podiatrist working in private practice for 15 years. During this time she has worked all over Australia AND overseas gaining invaluable experience with a multitude of pathologies and treatment techniques.
Karina’s special interests are ingrown toenail surgery, biomechanics and 3D printed orthotic prescription, soft tissue injuries and radiology and injection therapies.
She has also completed post graduate courses in dry needling and laser therapy, running and footwear analysis, paediatric assessment and sonography.
Karina is available at the U Physio Unanderra Clinic Wednesdays and Thursdays, in addition to Fridays at the U Physio Wollongong Clinic.
The services U Podiatry can provide includes:
  • 3D printed custom made orthotics
  • Ingrown toenail specialist therapy
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Heel/arch/foot pain
  • Bunion assessment and management
  • Forefoot pain/neuroma therapy
  • Lower limb tendon injuries
  • Strapping and manual therapies
  • Pre fabricated orthotic and brace fittings
  • General nail care
  • Troublesome toenails/correct cutting/ fungal therapy advice
  • Management of arthritic conditions
  • Strengthening and pre and post operative care
  • Dry needling
  • Injection therapies
  • Video gait assessments
  • Footwear assessment and recommendation
  • Wound care assessments and treatment plans
  • Neurovascular (doppler) assessments
  • Paediatric and growth plate Injury management
  • Foot health education