U Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates can also provide you with products that you need for your recovery from injury as well as your health and fitness routines. We only use and recommend products that we judge to be the best on the market, tried and treated by ourselves and our clients for many years.

Ankle Brace

Ankle support with strap provides a comfortable way to minimise your injury risk during sport, or support that unstable ankle.

Chi Balls

Chi balls are available so you can continue your pilates and core training in the convenience of your own home. Very cheap, convenient and easy to use.


Fisocrem is a natural anti inflammatory cream including arnica, calendula and st john’s wort that assists in giving relief from those nagging aches and pains.

Knee Braces

Knee braces are available for knee support, comfort and pain relief, or management of those severe knee injuries, as prescribed by your physiotherapist.

Hot Packs

Our heat bags are easy to use, just pop them in the microwave to heat them up. They are made of very high quality materials and are designed to suit specific body parts to aid in effective and convenient pain relief.


Hotteeze are a very cheap and convenient way to keep that painful area warm whilst out and about. Stay warm for up to 12 hours and different sizes to suit different body parts. Try one today.

Ice packs

Ice Packs that conform to your injured area are available for convenient and effective management of those acute injuries.

Ice bag with strap

Our ice bag with strap is the most effective and convenient way to ice your injured area without the hassles of leaking bags and wraps.

Lumbar rolls

Lumbar rolls are used for effective management of that lower back pain or injury. Ideal for car seats, office chairs, or simply for use at home. Adjustable straps available to keep the roll in exactly the right place all the time.


Orthotics are available for those feet or lower limb issues. Ask our highly qualified physiotherapists about our orthotic and foot support range today.

Patella Tracking Brace

Knee brace for those patella tracking problems. Helps to make sure the patella is tracking in the right alignment.

Pilates Grip socks

Our socks have grip on the sole, they are comfortable but also perfect for safety during your next pilates session.


Our range of pillows can be individually prescribed and fitted to suit your posture and needs. We have a range available for all different conditions.

Posture Support Braces

Our posture support braces are very comfortable and self-adjusting to allow for safe and convenient use at work or at home. They are also affordable and easily transportable.

Stretch Ranger Pulley system

Our pulley systems attach to your door and help you to regain movement in your shoulder. Ideal for post-operative rehab  or frozen shoulders.

Foam Rollers

See our range of foam rollers. Great for exercises to improve posture, improve core strength and flexibility. The perfect way to continue your exercise program at home.

Spikey reflex balls

Our reflex balls come in all different shapes and sizes to suit different areas of the body. Massage and release those tight muscles yourself at home with ease.


Stretchbands are the easiest and most effective way to stretch out those tight muscles.

Swiss balls

Our gym balls are great for your home exercise regime. They are available in different sizes and are ideal for core strengthening, improving posture, stretching or training for your favourite sport.


See our wide range of taping products for all your strapping needs. Including underwraps, rigid tapes, elastic bandages, and the very popular Rocktape or kinesiotape. Ask our highly qualified physios which tape will best suit your needs.

Tennis elbow support braces

Tennis elbow braces take tension off the tendon for those repetitive injuries.

TENS machines

Our TENS machines are very convenient and safe way to relieve your pain in the comfort of your own home. They are available for hire or purchase.


Theraband comes in all different colours and resistance. Perfect for your home exercise program, rehabilitation regime, or fitness program.


Theratube comes in all different colours and resistance. Perfect for your home exercise program, rehabilitation regime, or fitness program.