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Our physiotherapists have worked with GWS Giants in the AFL, the ARU, NSW Country Eagles in the NRC, NSW Country RU, and internationally with multiple sports. Our highly qualified professionals have expert knowledge and skills in the areas of sports injury diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention. We treat sports people of all ages and abilities, recreational to professional athletes, teams and individuals.

At U Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates we work with professional athletes in the clinic on a daily basis, as well as regularly touring with national and international level sporting teams. Our promise is to give everyone the same level of care and service, whether you are one of our international level athletes, or trying to get fit for tomorrow’s game of social golf.

Our physiotherapists can help by:

  • Identifying the source of your problem and treating this directly
  • Referring for xrays and scans as required
  • Identifying the causes and predisposing factors
  • Providing effective hands-on techniques to address your problems
  • Providing exercise rehabilitation programs
  • Accelerating your return to sport after injury
  • Decreasing your risk of further injury
  • Enhancing sporting performance and technique

Being frustrated sports enthusiasts ourselves, our physiotherapists understand how important it is to get fit, pain free, and return to your chosen sport. Hence, we will do our absolute best to achieve your goals as soon as possible!


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