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Sport screening

Our physiotherapists are highly qualified and experienced in providing screening in relation to specific sports. Our current screening process includes sports such as:

Golf, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Swimming, Soccer, Basketball, Touch Football, AFL, Cricket and Dancing of all disciplines.

Our practice has performed screening for athletes of all ages and sporting levels, including those at professional and international level.

How Does Screening Work?

A screen involves the use of specific physical tests to assess for any deficits that may potentially increase the risk of injury, or decrease performance. Hence, the aim of screening is to minimise the risks of injury during sport, as well as maximise potential sports performance.

A detailed report from the screening process will be emailed to the participant (and any relevant coaches etc as requested) after the screening is completed, and recommendations to minimise injury risk and promote peak performance detailed.

The screening may be followed up with specific hands-on physiotherapy, or exercise prescription as required.

Please contact one of our physiotherapy staff with any queries on whether screening would be beneficial for you or your team.


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