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Ellie Wiltshire


Eillie is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Sports Dietitian.  She grew up in the country town of Orange, and since moving to Wollongong to study at the university has stayed put (with a big love for the east coast of Australia).

A love of science, learning about the workings of the human body and good food has led Ellie to follow a career in nutrition.  Ellie is passionate about her role in private practice, as it gives her the opportunity to get to know people, and make a meaningful difference to their lives and goals.  While she enjoys working with various people, conditions and disease states, she has a particular love for sports nutrition and gut health.

Ellie also works clinically in a South Coast hospital and had the pleasure of being a dietitian intern at the GWS Giants AFL club in 2018.  Ellie enjoyrs nutrition writing, and is particularly passionate about sustainability in our food system.  In her free time, Ellie enjoys being outdoors, long walks, surfing (attempting) and eating out at the many beautiful cafes on teh South Coast.

Qualifications and Memberships:-

  • Bachelor of Nutrition (Science)
  • Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Sports Dietetics training through the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
  • Dietitians Association Australia
  • Sports Dietitians Australia


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